Iron Duck – Made in the USA

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Iron Duck is one of our key supplier vendors and everyone at My EMS Supply is proud to represent not just their entire product line but also everything that Iron Duck stands for. Here are some things about Iron Duck and My EMS Supply that you may not have known.

The Iron Duck brand name was created by combining two materials synonymous with durability: IRON which has great strength and hardness and DUCK a strong tight weave canvas fabric (Army Duck Cloth). This results in products manufactured with the highest quality materials for solid construction and long life.

Made in the United States! As we hear of International trade deals in the media with other countries or continents offering cheaper labor we all know this means big companies look to move American jobs overseas or to other countries where workers often get paid very minimal wages and work under dangerous conditions. Iron Duck is located in Chicopee Massachusetts which is also the home State for My EMS Supply. Iron Duck manufactures the World’s leading brand of Emergency and Disaster Response Products which are designed, manufactured and marketed from their 55,000 square foot facility located about 2 hours from My EMS Supply. This gives My EMS Supply an advantage in obtaining products quickly and efficiently for our customers compared to gear bags made in Asia.

Iron Duck like My EMS Supply is an American owned family business. We take great pride in offering products Made in America. Iron Duck has a long history of solving problems by providing timely, innovative products to the World’s public safety community. Many of the Iron Duck products are geared towards both small public safety agencies in rural areas to large municipal agencies such as New York City, Chicago, Houston, and Philadelphia Fire Departments. Whether you are in a larger system demanding reliable equipment to withstand the rigorous daily use or a smaller system you can count on Iron Duck to provide you with outstanding products made from the very best quality raw materials, with expert craftsmanship, and superior manufacturing techniques to ensure your equipment lasts for many years.

Iron Duck can also customize your equipment with your name and/or logo. Take pride in your gear and help prevent your equipment from being mixed up with other agencies working on the same scene or just to prevent theft. Our customer service team will be happy to discuss equipment personalization with you.

Iron Duck products will provide the best possible solution to any challenges facing you, whatever your task may be!

You can see the entire Iron Duck product line HERE


Keeping it Warm – Smithworks Medical

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There are a few things about Smithworks Medical that most people don’t know. Owner Doug Smith spent many years as a firefighter in the Northwest United States tossing bags of IV fluids up on the defroster while responding to calls. Hearing Doug mention this brings back memories of doing the same thing here in the cold Northeastern States during the early 1990’s. EMS has come a long way since then and part of this is because Doug Smith identified a problem and figured how to solve it.

At My EMS Supply we proudly carry the entire Smithworks product line. All of the Smithworks products are manufactured in the USA by skilled craftsmen who take pride in building quality products that last for years. Everyone has seen the legendary red IV warmer and not given it much thought. The floor mount IV warmer model 12VFM4L02 is a 40 watt 12V DC unit that draws 3 amps intermittently. Once it warms your fluids to between 99′ to 101′ F. it will maintain your fluids in that narrow temperature range. The Smithworks Floor Mount IV Warmer also comes with a 3 year limited warranty. There are over 10,000 of Floor Mount IV Warmers in service around the World with a failure rate of less than 0.5%.

Smithworks Medical also manufactures the Soft Sack which is popular with flight crews and many fire departments that work in remote areas. The Soft Sack model 12VSS3L02 has a rugged Cordura outer fabric with a middle layer of Thinsulate. An inner layer of reflective Mylar further helps maintain the desired temperature. The Smithworks Soft Sack features snap in electronics which allows the Soft Sack to be remanufactured after many years of useful service. The portable bag holds 3 liters of fluid and features a 3 year warranty.

For those who desire a more rugged case there is the Smithworks Pak2-P. This has the same rugged Smithworks electronics in a Pelican 1450 case. The rugged case has been insulated to maintain the temperature and draw less current.

You can find all of the Smithworks products at:


Introducing the Quantum ACR (Ambulance Child Restraint)

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My EMS Supply is proud to work with Quantum EMS Solutions a leading manufacturer of equipment designed for emergency patient care and safety. We carry the entire Quantum line of products including the very popular ACR or Ambulance Child Restraint. All of us at My EMS Supply are aware of the issues that can arise from transporting pediatric patients using equipment designed for adult size patients. For years we have carried a competing product that has been around for some time and does a good job we were looking for something even better.

The Quantum ACR is available as a kit with four sizes to accommodate patients from 4 pounds to 99 pounds. The ACR is an innovative, flexible and fully adjustable harnessing system for the safe and effective transport of infants in an ambulance and is also color coded for easy selection. The Quick release clips dock with the ACR harness, holding the patient in place to prevent potentially dangerous movement during transportation. When the patient is restrained the ACR allows for complete access from the airway to the waist to effectively perform procedures while the patient remains restrained.

Quantum has designed the ACR harness with breathable and flexible fabric which is machine washable and also meets infection control standards. ACR_m

Introduction – About My EMS Supply

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Welcome to My EMS Supply. We are all either Firefighters and/or EMT’s so we know your business and the equipment you need. Our goal is to keep our overhead low so we can also keep our pricing low and pass those savings on to you. We understand budget cycles and will work with customers when budgets are exhausted just prior to the start of the new fiscal year.

Everything you need is available. Although there are only 1,600 items currently on there is still a lot more that we haven’t put up on line. If it is out there we have it. Give us a call or drop us an e-mail at so we can give you a competitive price quote. Every week as we add more products to the website and we establish more relationships with new manufacturers. Currently we have the entire Ferno product line, CAS Medical, Iron Duck, Streamlight, NCE Monitor Brackets, Quantum EMS, Engel, Impact Instruments, Palmero Health, Pelican, Smith Works, and more.

When you’re looking for new equipment give us a call.